Katherine Forbes

Katherine Forbes

 Katherine is a Bio-Genetic Coach with over 30 years of experience helping clients manage health, life transitions, and degenerative diseases.

Her approach combines lifestyle changes, therapeutic supplementation, detoxification, and mental-emotional resilience to support well-being. Katherine developed a successful 90-day Mastery programme to support clients through any level of lifestyle transition. 

She incorporates the latest insights from genetics, biochemistry, and neuroscience to address epigenetic transformation while working with an integrated team of practitioners, doctors and treatments to manage symptoms. Katherine’s collaborative style involves working closely with clients and caregivers, focusing on both physical and mental health to ensure a comprehensive approach to healing.

Signature programs

Self-optimisation and Mastery Programs

Massage therapy

BioGenetic Coaching

Metabolic Gut reset programs

Weight loss

Habit building empowerment

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